Urban Survival Skills – Preparing For the Unexpected

Survival situations can occur just about anywhere. Contrary to what most of us think, survival is not limited to getting through rough outdoor situations. You can be stranded a thousand miles from civilization in the most hostile desert, left floundering in the open sea, or simply just struggling to survive in your own attic, and the only thing that is going to help you overcome the threat to your life is having the necessary skills and the necessary tools.

The last decade has seen a rapid deterioration of the global economic climate. Political, military and legal mismanagement has given rise to increasing violence and crime, and countless countries face a near-constant threat of civil war. In general, the growing disparity between the rich and the poor has doubled the threat to the life of an average citizen. Thus, even your very home may turn into a battleground for a tussle between life and death, anywhere in the near or distant future. In such a situation, it pays to be prepared, mentally and physically, to fight for your own and your loved ones’ lives.

Therefore, to ensure that you are well prepared to meet any survival situation head on, follow the simple, four-step procedure outlined in this article.

Step 1: Prepare to Meet Your Food and Water Needs:

Food and water are probably the most urgent needs of a human being, particularly in an urban survival situation. Hence, you must ensure that you store sufficient food and water in your house for any unexpected situation. At least a month or two’s supply of food for each family member is generally a safe amount to have, for you never know how long you may have to stay trapped in your house. Store canned and other non perishable food items, preferably those that require minimum cooking. Also, the foods should be high calorie, so that in case your stay becomes unexpectedly long, a small amount of food can keep you going. Try to store items with a long shelf life, and those that do not need electricity or cooling to keep them from expiring, because they would become very tiresome to store.

Step 2: Keep Shelter in Mind:

Given the alarming rate at which lethal, destructive weapons are being invented, the threats of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare are very real. The only safe place to go to in case of such attacks is underground. Make sure that you and your family know of such shelters in your neighborhood, and that you are ready to take refuge there at the shortest notice. If such a place does not exist, the best idea is to work together with your neighbors to build a shelter that can hold a large number of people safely. This would divide the cost and effort involved and would benefit many more people than just you alone.

Step 3: Develop Survival Skills:

No matter how much food and water you manage to hole up, no matter how good a shelter you build, none of these will help you in a real survival situation unless you know how to live long enough to access them, and how to use them most wisely and efficiently. Knowing how to do these things is what we call survival skills. The first and foremost skill is to keep your thoughts straight and avoid panic and fear in such a situation. Also, knowing how to deal with children, neighbors and friends in such stressful situations is very important. Secondly, you need to know some key skills such as making a fire for purifying water and cooking food, making improvised weapons for self defense, and building a temporary shelter. The best way to equip yourself with all the necessary skills is to enroll in a survival course. There are countless survival camps and training schools that you can join to get priceless knowledge which may one day save your life. Also, keep yourself updated on the latest survival books, articles and online publications, which can teach you a lot in the way of little bits and snippets of knowledge.

At the end, survival is going to be more about what you know than what you have, so do not become complacent about the great survival gear that you have stored up. Go out there and learn everything you may need to know, and only then will you be ready to face life threatening circumstances that can accost you anytime, anywhere.

5 Tips To Urban Warfare Survival

According to the urban survival manual, a war that is carried out in highly populated areas such as towns, cities and metro cities is known as “urban warfare”. This kind of warfare is very different to the conventional warfare in features such as planning and functioning. The unique features of urban warfare are the intricacy of the landscape and the involvement of civilians or the urban dwellers.

These urban dwellers take up the form of military residents who are armed and mostly go about in small groups so as to scare away the attackers and protect their homes. This tactic adopted by the civilians may make them look similar to the attackers which could land them into trouble.

In times of urban warfare, all kinds of arms and weapons are used without taking into consideration their disastrous outcomes. The urban setting can cause moderation in the use of combat techniques. For instance, it is highly illegal for the government’s army to attack a residential area with a hefty number of soldiers.

The five tips to urban warfare survival as mentioned in the urban survival manual are as follows:

First of all, the technique of observation is the best tip to urban warfare survival. A person who is facing these life and death situations needs to be alert about his surroundings and his company. As observed throughout the years, most people are usually unaffected with what happens in their surroundings. This attitude can save one from a lot of trouble.

Second, face value holds much importance in these times. The urban survival manual highlights this tip as the most beneficial one. To show people that you have money one needs to carry a certain look, this exhibits inner confidence. It normally takes career oriented people years and years of practice and skill to master this look which will, in the end, save one from attackers.

Third, you should constantly be up to date about any developments in your immediate surroundings. This is a useful tip that can help you and your companions in warfare survival. One should be up to date with the present economic, political, and social scenario of your locale to avoid troubles or problems.

Fourth, the urban survival manual states that speaking your mind could be one of the biggest mistakes you can commit in times of urban warfare. Being overtly friendly or prudent can have serious consequences that could have serious consequences.

Finally, being prepared at all times is the key to survival during urban warfare. This gives you an edge over the not so concerned civilians. In this manner, you can save yourself and your family s well as possessions from being exploited.

Review of Common Urban Survival Tips

Urban survival means to be able to survive when disaster strikes. It could be an earthquake, tornado, economy collapse or social unrest. A large number of natural disasters can kill hundreds and thousands of people. They can displace thousands of families and destroy billion worth of properties. And so are manmade calamities.

To survive, one must be aware of his surroundings. This is how he can prepare for any unforeseen events. You can prepare for such situations by observing the geography of your area. Are you in close proximity with the coastline? In the past, was there any occurrence of mudslide? What is the history of your locality?

Another important tip is to store large quantities of water. Store up water that will enable you to survive for at least four weeks. You might not be able to go out and buy provisions when a calamity occurs. If it rains, fill all empty containers with rainwater. You can later purify it with purifying tablets or water filter.

Stockpiling your survivalist apartment with enough food is also a sound advice. Powdered, pickled, dehydrated, cured, canned and instant no-cook food products are best for this purpose. They have a longer shelf life and are easy to stash. Rice and pastas are excellent staple foods. They are a great source of carbohydrates that provide an energy boost. Unfortunately, they need to be cooked first before they can be eaten.

Another thing to consider is having enough clothing, preferably the layered ones. That is because the first layer will provide ventilation and prevent excessive sweating. The second layer offers insulation and helps you to keep warm in cold weather. The third layer should be waterproofed. GORE-TEX is considered the best fabric for clothes like this.

In times like this, you should also have a first-aid kit ready with you. The kit should have all the basic medicines, bandages, antiseptics, cotton balls, thermometers and first-aid guide.

Additionally, you must be equipped with fire building tools such as waterproof matchbox. A durable sharp knife, some sturdy rope and waterproof garment should also be included in your list. They can come in handy when building a temporary shelter, hunting for food, or looking for escape. A knife can also be used to defend yourself against unexpected assailants.

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