3 Tips to Survive a Tsunami

Tsunamis are giant waves that rise out of the ocean when an earthquake happens underwater. The magnitude of a tsunami depends on the size of the earthquake. The world has witnessed a number of such earthquakes in the past. Devastating tsunamis have caused a lot of damage to coastal property, as well as human lives.

In order to successfully survive a tsunami, an individual needs to be well prepared and should act with presence of mind. This article takes a look at 3 tips to survive a tsunami effectively. These tips can help increase the chances of survival.

3 Tips to Survive a Tsunami

Here you will find 3 tips to survive a tsunami. While survival tactics may vary depending on the degree of severity of the situation, these tips cover three different scenarios regarding surviving a tsunami.

– Prepare well in advance

If you live in a coastal region prone to earthquakes, you need to prepare in advance for a tsunami so you can react quickly if the natural calamity occurs. Research about your area should be completed in order to determine if tsunamis have occurred there in the past, or if the area is an earthquake prone zone. Essentials including medicines, food, and water should be kept in an easily accessible location. An evacuation plan will also need to be devised and remembered.

– Recognize the signs of a tsunami

Tsunamis provide some warning before they arrive. If there seems to be any sudden change in the depth of water, or if an earthquake has just been experienced, there may be a tsunami approaching soon. Animals recognize such signs sooner than humans and start behaving oddly. Pay attention to warnings given out by the government or community.

– Evacuation when a tsunami hits the land

If you find a tsunami hitting the land, evacuating the area is of top priority. You will need to abandon all of your belongings and look to save lives instead. You will need to get to higher land-a building or a tree-as soon as possible and must react and get out very quickly if caught in water.

The world has witnessed many horrible tsunamis that have killed thousands. While possessions and structures are damaged by tsunamis, the most major loss is the loss of life.

If you live in a coastal region, you must find out about the dangers of the region. Even if the area may not have experienced tsunamis in the past, there is always the chance of one happening if it lies close to an earthquake prone zone.

The 3 tips to survive a tsunami that we have provided above will help people survive the calamity. While it may prove to be quite difficult in the middle of a tsunami, one must always remember to keep calm and make wise decisions. Many people die in a tsunami, but the presence of mind allows others to survive such situations.