Keeping A Calm Mind In Times Of Disaster

It is common that during any disaster, be it a massive earthquake or a surging flood, any person would not be able to have the right decision making skills. Combined with the adrenaline rush and the worry of being able to survive takes over a victim’s mind, it is apparent that making decisions, especially those that are crucial to their survival, is a difficult feat. The survival needs of a person depend on the decisions they make during that moment but with everything happening at the same time, can he or she make the right decisions?

For instance, if there was a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake happening, one would be too scared to decide on what they should do. Should they keep safe under a sturdy table or go out to open ground? For people who know how to work under pressure, they would be able to decide what the better option for them is and it would also be depending on their situation. But for a person who is not, their survival skills may be at best, sloppy or slow.

It is a known fact that something as serious and big as a disaster can jar a person’s ability to make the right decisions especially when he or she is not only dealing with their own life, but others as well. Being panicked is normal but you have to be calm to save yourself and others as well. This turns things into an even bigger thing because you are now responsible for others as well be it your family or your friends.

When you are in a middle of a disaster and can’t decide properly, one thing that you should do is clear your mind first and take deep breaths of air. Calm yourself first because you cannot make right and decent decisions if you are stressed, pressured and in a hurry. Choose your options wisely with a calm and cool mind. If you need help, ask those around you, especially those who can keep a cool mind under duress.

If you do find yourself in a middle of a disaster, remember to never panic. If you are in a state of panic, you might never be able to use your survival tactics when you need it the most. It is normal to become panicky and stressed during a great calamity but keep yourself calm. Being calm and cool during a disaster, earthquake or not, can help you survive and others as well.