Surviving With an Every Day Carry Bag (EDC)

Are you searching for an informative article on what to have in your Every Day Carry Bag (EDC)? If you’re new to prepping or preparing and interested in it, but not confident, one way is by finding out what to carry in your EDC gear bag. Bear in mind that your EDC consists of items that you’ll commit yourself to carry every day. The only time you may not have to carry them on your person is if you’re at home on your bed.

The main reason for carrying your EDC gear bag is to ensure you have some basic resources or tools to help you in case that you’re trapped and unable to get any help, for example, from other people. You may be trapped under a building after an explosion or in a room with an aggressive or hostile person, or if you’re forced to flee to the woods or trapped in a car seat that’s jammed. The EDC bag acts as your survival travel protection, ensuring that you have ready tools to help you survive.

Keep in mind that the items in your EDC gear bag should reflect your situation. For instance, if you or your relatives have medical issues such as acute allergic reactions, diabetes or high blood pressure, make sure you include their medications in your travel protection. In this article, we’ll look at the types of scenarios to consider when preparing your EDC bag and things that you should carry on your person, which can be the difference between life and death.

Remote/Rural EDC. One situation or location that you should consider when preparing your travel protection or EDC is rural or remote areas. The reason is that you may need to protect yourself from wild animals or face the need to identify edible plants.

You may need to cut firewood, find clean water, start a fire or hunt and trap small wild animals for food. You may also need to cook outdoors, protect yourself from extreme weather or navigate a wooden terrain.

Urban EDC. You may be in an urban situation, that when preparing your bag, you need to think about the obstacles that you may come up against. For instance, there may be rioting, looting or dangerous debris on the ground, which means that you should have items for self-defense and first aid care. Bear in mind that urban areas may have many people around which means you need to create a smokeless fire. Another factor to consider is people behaving irrationally or panicking, loose dogs scared by noise, so you need to consider carrying a small baton or pepper spray or a fire arm. In the case of the need to protect yourself from communicable diseases or toxic waste, you also need to take into consideration personal hygiene items.

Recent technological advancements have made phones to be among the standard devices that people carry around. This means that you should make your phone part of your EDC travel things. There’s no way that you can know and memorize every survival procedure and technique. Mobile phones have hundreds of survival apps, which give you detailed information about all kinds of survival situations. These mobile apps have tips on how to survive in extreme weather conditions and how to carry out first aid. You can download apps that update you about the weather, and those that track your journey, which enables you to re-route if you get lost.

Consider finding out which items you can add to your keychain. They can include items such as pliers, a small screwdriver, cutting tools and a mini-flashlight. If you think you will get trapped in the wilderness sitting, consider carrying a waterproof cylinder that has some tinder and fire steel within. You can also consider having a flash or small thumb drive on your keychain, which enables you to keep copies of important documents, contact information or survival e-books. Once you have your keychain and cell phone organized, the next step is to consider other items to carry. Make sure that you feel the bulkiness and weight of your EDC gear bag items since it’s a bag that you’ll be carrying every day.

When preparing your survival travel protection bag consider which discreet items that you can wear every day without attracting too much attention to yourself. Find items such as Paracord as you can use them to replace your shoelaces, tie things up and out of the way and you can also get a paracord bracelet that you can wear on your ankle or wrist covered by your pant leg. Another device that you should consider carrying is a multi-functions watch. Have some safety pins in the sleeves or collars of your shirt, which enables you to use them if you need.

I would also consider carrying items such as your EDC knife, gun, spare ammunition and water purification tablets. The reason is that you may need your weapon or knife when faced with hostile situations. Water tablets can ensure that you purify water for drinking. Also consider the size of the item to add to your gear bag, making sure you factor in their frequency of usage, shape and weight. They will enable you to arrive at the best decision whether to include them or not.

Always carry your EDC travel protection bag to ensure that you carry all the above items at once. Ensure that it’s on your person or close at any given time. Your EDC gear bag should be discreet to avoid drawing too much attention. The bag should be wearable on your back, around your waist and cross body. Types of EDC bags that you should consider are the camera bags, laptop bags and small bags being made for this purpose.

The above informative post about Surviving with an Every Day Carry Bag (EDC) should make it easier for you to consider one together. Make sure you choose one that’s comfortable to wear, one that enables you to carry it at all times. Remember to customize your EDC depending on your situation and specific needs, allowing you to utilize it in any survival crisis.

Plan, prepare, protect, get through, hold on, hold out, make it, and keep body, soul and family together. You need a plan to prepare and to protect yourself and your family. Survival is our Strategy!”

5 Tips to Opt for The Best Concealed Carry Holster

If you are serious about your safety, chances are that you have a concealed carry holster. And most of you know very well what we are talking about. If you are looking for a gun holster, you may have to search for the right one.

Since I have owned a gun for a long time, I can save you a lot of headache by giving you a few tips that can help you opt for the right product. These suggestions may help you look for the best holster. Let’s go ahead and check out the tips.

1. It should fit

You can’t just buy any carrier out there as one size can’t fit everyone or everything. Based on the type of gun you own, you should look for the right holster. Make sure both the belt and the holster offer the best fit. There should be no movement or slop. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for the right stuff.

2. It should be easy to take out

Are you right-handed or left-handed? Can you draw the weapon easily with your right or left hand? Make sure the holster allows you to take your gun out with the hand you usually use to do your work.

If you can’t get your gun out at the right moment, the holster will be of no use. So, that’s an important consideration to make.

3. Easy to use when in a car

You should think about the time you spend in your vehicle. Most people don’t do a defensive draw when they are in a car and the seat belt is fastened. What should you do? Can you carry to weapons? Can you have another gun hidden somewhere in the car?

In other words, your holster should allow you to draw your weapon easily even when you are on the move in your car.

4. Thumb snaps, push-button and safety straps

Make sure the holster you are going to choose doesn’t have the things, such as thumb snaps, push buttons or safety straps. Actually, holsters don’t need these things. These features will only make it harder for you to draw your gun when you need it. As a matter of fact, you may have to deal with someone who already has a gun in their hands.

5. You get what you pay for

You can’t expect the best fit from a cheap product. Moreover, it may not work right and may not last as long as a quality holster. So, It’s not worth it to invest in a cheap holster. Nothing is more important than your safety. So, spending a bit more and investing in a high quality product is always a great idea.

In short, if you are on the lookout of a good gun holster, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this short article. This will help you get your hands on the best gun carrier so you can rest assured that you always safe.